The hit TV-show “American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson” is causing a stir across the country, and with a real life knife showing up in the news following the rising popularity of the show, the trial of the century is back in the spotlight.  Whether you’re rehashing your memories and reliving experiences or uncovering the crime of the century for the first time, we thought we would put together a spread sheet detailing the characters in real life versus the TV show, the casting is pretty impressive.  With that said, check out the lineup:

The Juice

Orenthal James Simpson

One of the best running backs to ever to touch a pigskin and an internationally recognized and beloved sports color analyst.  Also kind of a dick (reportedly).


Played by: Cuba Gooding Jr.


He needs to be 60 lbs heavier.  Do some curls Cuba.  The acting is great, but OJ was an enormous, imposing figure.  Seeing Cuba in a sleeveless shirt with his spindly arms just does not project “The Juice”.

The Victims

Nicole Brown Simpson


Ron Goldman

Unfortunately, these two have almost nothing to do with the story.

However, fantasy casting: Billy Baldwin and Reese Witherspoon.


The Friends

Robert Kardashian


Played by: David Schwimmer


David Schwimmer is acting like his life depends on it.  Trying desperately to bring some semblance of respect to the Kardashian name?  How many times can he say “Juice”?  Swing for the fences Ross.

Al “AC” Cowlings

OJ’s friend, confidant, and driver of the infamous white Bronco.


Played by: Former Cosby Show sensation Malcolm Jamal-Warner.  I think the flat-top speaks for itself.


The Defense: The Dream Team

Johnnie Motherfucking Cochran


Legendary wordsmith and the man most remembered for springing “The Juice”.

Played by: Courtney B. Vance


Just like Johnnie carried the trial, Courtney B. Vance carries the show.  His acting is a dizzying combination of silky smooth deliveries and perfectly timed gravitas and playing Johhnie is the ideal platform for him to flex his perfectly chiseled acting muscles. He is a huge reason why the show is so captivating and it is great to see him grabbing some limelight after a career in the shadows.

Robert Shapiro


Played by: Jon Travolta


His clenched-jaw delivery is distracting but Travolta gives a solid performance, especially during the second episode, focusing on the white Bronco chase.

F. Lee Bailey

Played by: Nathan Lane


Lane has some hilarious interactions with Travolta but is a bit underutilized in the crowded ensemble.

The Prosecution

Meet the legal team that couldn’t get a conviction with some of the most conclusive hard evidence of any murder trial in the last fifty years.

Marcia Clark

O.J. Simpson Murder Trial

Played by: Sarah Paulson


Her chain smoking and domestic dramas combined with a twist of failure, incompetence and a bad makeover are mounting into what is the truly tragic character of the series.

Christopher Darden

Played by: Sterling K. Brown


The “other black guy”.  Don’t let him try on the glove dude!


The Racist Cop

Mark Fuhrman


Played by: Steven Pasquale


Can’t wait until they reveal his true colors…and medals.


Stay tuned for more commentaries! The Juice is loose!