An oversized sushi roll? A burrito made out of seaweed?  Fried avocado or fries made out of avocado?  While it is definitively inconclusive exactly what it was, the food served at Komotodo was out of sight.


Located in Writer’s Square off of Larimer Street in Lower Downtown Denver, this quirky fusion fast food restaurant knocked The Grand Slam Dunk’s (TGSD) socks off.


It was small and the tables were on wheels, but this new age fusion fast food was a unique combo of Latin and Asian flavors, melding sushi and burritos for a handheld, tasty treat that breaks all the rules.


Instead of a tortilla, the ‘burritos’ are made with a seaweed and rice shell and loaded with mostly ‘seafoody’ and traditionally Asian ingredients.  Sounds like sushi, except the modesty of Japan is blown away by the size of the final product, which can only be compared to a burrito.

Add to that some incredibly inventive side dishes which meld unexpected ingredients from both cultures and cuisines and it all adds up to an impressive culinary experience.


TGSD sampled the avocado fries (sliced avocado battered and breaded in a panko crumb blanket, served with spicy mayo), which were a simple but eye-popping appetizer.  The menu is loaded with dishes that evoke Ooohs and Yuuumms, with such oddities as wanton nachos, cream filled churros, adoba fries, portabella mushroom fries, and wasamole: the signature combo of wasabi and guacamole.  Full fusion!

Lucky enough to be there around 7:00 pm on a Tuesday, TGSD was able to indulge in the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE HAPPY HOUR (7pm-10pm Tues & Thurs).

Along with the avocado fries, we went with the ‘Chunky Sumo Burrito’ which featured raw salmon, yellowfin tuna AND surimi crab meat to really get the sushi side and the ‘Reef and Beef’ burrito for a fully cooked option highlighting grilled sirloin and tempura fried shrimp and asparagus.  Both burritos came with pickled cabbage and the flavor combinations were out of this world.


Skeptical at first, the seaweed did not fall apart and the burrito held together well.

A delicious meal, reasonably priced with a fairly kick-ass ‘happy hour’ Komotodo is a great option for a unique, out of the ordinary meal on the go.  Whether you’re cruising 16th St Mall on a sunny afternoon or snagging a quick bite before a show at the Denver Theater Complex, the sushi burrito is a new staple in the Denver foodie arsenal.


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