MarkItZeroAvatarWelcome back and welcome home to Episode 24 of the Mark It Zero Podcast! Today’s episode, recorded from Grant on Grant’s Street, features G-Money, Big Mike, None Sports Guy Doug, and Ben covering and discussing the recent happenings in the NBA with the Draft and Trades and Free Agency, Lebron James and his legacy, put a lid on the 2016 NBA Finals, and pay respects to the late Pat Summit and Buddy Ryan. Also on Episode 24, None Sports Guy Doug provides us with some live MLB look ins with the Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jays in several extra innings, fueling the jet of his round robin bet. Big Mike provides his perspective on the rules of baseball, and G-Money goes crazy for the wildness of the Euro and Copa America Cups! Let’s go ahead and Mark It!

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Opening Music thanks to Ross Palmer and Bass and Energy Recordings. Check it out!

Bassandenergy – Ukray