MarkItZeroAvatarWelcome back and welcome home to the 30th Episode of the Mark It Zero Podcast! Coming to you from the Southern Den of Ben, the Real Bacskai stops by to put a grand slam dunk on the Summer Olympics as well as offer perspective on the dominance of Michael Phelps, Katie Ladecky, Ashton Eaton, and Usain Blot.  Tune in as we discuss the schmuck that is Ryan Lochte, gymnastic bones breaking, off the vault controversies, and the spectacular Alyson Felix. Episode 30 wraps up with a conversation about the recent departure of Patrick Roy from the Colorado Avalanche and Bacskai’s thoughts on where the Avs should look for a new head coach. As always, we appreciate you listening. Let’s go ahead and Mark It!

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Opening Music thanks to Ross Palmer and Bass and Energy Recordings. Check it out!

Bassandenergy – Ukray