“Four weeks into the professional football season and all I really know for sure is that my fantasy football team is an absolute dumpster fire.” That sentiment written by The Real Bacskai, Mark It Zero podcast personality,  rings true for many people across the world as they tune into games on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. All of us who play fantasy football or lay down hard earned capital in parlay bets that are “locks of the week,” or simply just root for our favorite team, have experienced the excitement of thinking that we know plenty only to be devastated when WR1 only scores 2 points or that favored pick ends up getting blown out or “our team” loses in a ridiculous way in overtime.

We’ve all been there. It’s part of  why we watch and why we keep coming back. What if my 1st round pick DOES score 30 plus points, what if I DO guess correctly on the underdog, what if my team DOES end up winning on a hail mary pass with time expiring. Then all of the pain and heart break from the previous week disapears because NOW we’ve “won.” Even though we are not playing, the victory in whatever form makes us feel like we were a part of what happened on the gridiron, the diamond, the court, or in the rink. We are of course then entitled to bragging rights with colleagues, friends, family, or that jerk on social media who always dogs your team because they are an insufferable know it all. It enhances the experience for us. That’s why we are fans. That’s why we love sports. There is always another week, another game, another season to look forward to and plenty of joy to go along with the heart break.

So with that idea in mind, several of the creators and contributors to thegrandslamdunk.com and the Mark It Zero podcast were asked, in the spirit of fandom, to rank all 32 professional football teams for The Mark It NFL Round Table Rankings! The Real Bacskai, Uncle Ben, Big Willy Style, Big Mike, G-Money Grant, and newbie Lean Mean Mr. Green all went 1 through 32. Teams were assigned points based off of where they were placed by each contributor. For example, if the Denver Broncos were ranked 1st, they received 32 points. If a team was ranked 2nd, they received 31 points and so on down the list we all went. These scores were then combined for a final point total for each team and establish their ranking. We are by no means professionals who do this for a living on major sports websites. We are simply consumers and fans who love professional football, and many other sports mind you, who believe that our thoughts and opinions are just as valid as some bozo in a suit on television screen because we watch the games too.

We plan on doing this every four weeks and go all four quarters if you will. So with that being said, here are our rankings through four weeks of the professional football season.

Number 1 – Denver Broncos – 190 points

Number 2 – Minnesota Vikings – 183 points

Number 3 – New England Patriots – 178 points

Number 4 – Philadelphia Eagles – 173 points

Number 5 – Pittsburgh Steelers – 172 points

Number 6 – Seattle Seahawks – 157 points

Number 7 – Dallas Cowboys – 147 points

Number 8 (tie) – Atlanta Falcons – 144 points

Number 8 (tie) – Oakland Raiders – 144 points

Number 10 – Green Bay Packers – 138 points

Number 11 – Baltimore Ravens – 136 points

Number 12 – Cincinnati Bengals – 125 points

Number 13 – Houston Texans – 118 points

Number 14 – Los Angeles Rams – 104 points

Number 15 – Kansas City Chiefs – 101 points

Number 16 – Carolina Panthers – 98 points

Number 17 – Buffalo Bills – 93 points

Number 18 – New York Giants – 84 points

Number 19 – Arizona Cardinals – 81 points

Number 20 – Washington Redskins – 78 points

Number 21 – New York Jets – 67 points

Number 22 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 63 points

Number 23 – New Orleans Saints – 61 points

Number 24 – San Diego Chargers – 57 points

Number 25 – Jacksonville Jaguars – 54 points

Number 26 – Detroit Lions – 45 points

Number 27 (tie) – Indianapolis Colts – 38 points

Number 27 (tie) – San Fransisco 49ners – 38 points

Number 29 – Tennessee Titains – 37 points

Number 30 – Miami Dolphins – 32 points

Number 31 – Chicago Bears – 16 points

Number 32 – Cleveland Browns – 9 points



Let’s be clear about our rankings – all six of us did not agree on everything. The Real Bacskai is a firm believer in New England as he was the only one who did not select Denver as his top team and is standing by Belichick’s crew. Uncle Ben still has not forgiven Pittsburgh for helping turn Pennsylvania into Wentzsylvania and would not give the Steelers the edge over the Eagles (Eagles #5, Steelers #6). Big Willy Style showed off his true Cowboy fandom and dropped the Giants all the way below Lions on his board to number 27. Big Mike thinks the team in Miami is actually the worst in the league unlike everyone else at the round table pick who picked the Browns. G-Money is a true Bronco fan and gave no love to the Raider Nation, ranking them number 14 below Baltimore, Houston, and Cincinnati. And our long time friend, first time contributor, Lean Mean Mr. Green ranked Arizona, a team that played in the NFC championship game last year, number 26, the lowest rank of all contributors.


At the end of the day, rankings do not mean a damn thing. They are fun to put together and talk about amongst other fans, but players play and the only true important ranking is who ends up winning it all at the end of the season. So enjoy our piece. Email us your thoughts, tweet us or comment or whatever! We are all about having fun with this and would love you to join in with us. And with that being said, we will go ahead and mark it! The first quarter is in the books.

Post written by Ben Allman and edited by Grant Harmacek with the help and contributions from Ryan Backsai, Will Green, Mike Martinez, and Danny Green.

*The thoughts and views expressed on this website are those of the contributors. In no way are they endorsed and/or sanctioned by the NFL; however, if the NFL would like to endorse and/or sanction them, we would be more than happy to speak with them.