It is crazy to think that the last time the Mark It Zero podcast personalities gathered together to give their 1st quarter NFL Rankings Tom Brady had not played a game yet, Norv Turner was still employed by the Vikings, and the Chicago Cubs were still a cursed franchise who had not won a World Series since 1908. A lot can change in a few weeks, but that’s life and that’s sports. So now that baseball is wrapped up, the NHL and NBA are still developing a solid sample size for us to tell who is good and who is not, The Grand Slam Dunk dot com is proud to present for your reading pleasure our 2nd quarter Round Table NFL Rankings!

Just a quick review. Six personalities ranked all 32 teams (The Real Bacskai, Uncle Ben, Big Willy Style, Big Mike, G-Money, and Lean Mean Mr. Green). Teams were assigned points based off their rank (ranked number 1 and you earned 32 points, ranked number 2 and you earned 31 points, and so on). Points are tallied up and the highest point total gets the top ranking. Pretty simple right? We think so. Here are our second quarter rankings. LETS DO THIS!


You would like to think that after eight weeks into the NFL season, the picture would be clearer as to who is good and who is not. While it may not have crystalized as some would like, the one and only thing that all six of us agreed on is that the New England Patriots are really good. The Belichick/Brady combination received all of the first place votes, giving them a total of 192 points. You will be hard pressed to find a reliable source on the internet or television (reliable, keep that in mind) who would disagree. So while there are still questions to be answered in pro football, we believe that who the best team is is not one of them.

It’s New England. They are the team to beat. End of conversation. Period. Let’s move on.

After the Pats, TGSD’s top ten Rankings went as follows: 2) Dallas, 3) Denver, 4) Oakland, 5) Atlanta, 6) Philadelphia, 7) Pittsburgh, 8) Kansas City, 9) Seattle, and 10) Minnesota.

What can you take away from rest of our top ten?

Well, we think Cowboy haters are running out of logical reasons to disregard Jerry’s team. Dallas moved up five positions since the 1st quarter, just like the Oakland Raiders, and while Denver slipped two positions they are still ranked higher then Big Mike’s Raider Nation. The Sunday Night Football match up this week is going to be AWESOME, we believe.

Atlanta jumped up three spots, but Uncle Ben is wondering how much do we really believe in them? Philly and Pittsburgh both slipped two positions while KC vaulted into the top ten, moving up seven even though they now have some questions at quarterback.

Speaking of quarterbacks, a one legged Russell Wilson was not a big concern for us as a whole because the Seahawk defense looks to be good enough, moving up three positions to number 9 over all. Our number 10 team, the Minnesota Vikings, took the second largest tumble out of any team from our previous rankings, falling eight spots. Only Baltimore and Los Angeles had a bigger fall. The Ravens fell nine spots to number 20 and the Rams fell ten positions all the way down to number 24.

One last note. The biggest move up in our rankings was seven spots. KC went from 15 to 8, New Orleans went from 23 to 16, and the Tennessee Titians went from 29 to 22. These three teams are on the rise according to our formula. Let’s see if they can keep it going. Here is how each personality ranked:


As always, we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our rankings and join the conversation. Good sports watching to you all!