By The Real Bacskai

Since we last talked four weeks ago, some things have changed. My fantasy football team has downgraded from full on dumpster fire to a controlled burn in an office trash can, the Vikings and Sam Bradford are beginning to show their true colors, and fans are now throwing rubber dicks on the field to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. All that aside, I would have to say that my rankings of all 32 NFL teams hasn’t changed much since the last time we did this. But, what the hell do I know? I’m the hockey guy.

32. Cleveland Browns

31. Miami Dolphins

30. Chicago Bears

29. Indianapolis Colts

28. New York Jets

27. San Diego Chargers

26. Tennesse Titans

25. LA Rams

24. Detroit Lions

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

22. Carolina Panthers

21. Arizona Cardinals

20. Washington Redskins

19. New York Giants

18. Buffalo Bills

17. Houston Texans

16. San Francisco 49ers

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14. Green Bay Packers

13. Kansas City Chiefs

12. Seattle Seahawks

11. Cincinnati Bengals

10. New Orleans

9. Atlanta Falcons

8. Minnesota Vikings

7. Baltimore Ravens

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Denver Broncos

4. Philadelphia Eagles

3. Oakland Raiders

2. Dallas Cowboys

and the Real Bacskai’s Number 1 team… The New England “No Dildo” Patriots