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The Creators

Website created by Grant Harmacek.


Grant is a 30 year-old wanderer who loves being outdoors, watching sports and taking pictures.  He recently spent over five years circling the globe, engaging in a series of odd jobs and misadventures all while attending as many sporting events as possible (including 2008 Euro Cup Finals in Vienna, 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, and a World Cup qualifier in Quito, Ecuador).  It took 29 countries and a literal loop around the globe for Grant to finally find his soulmate, who had been patiently waiting in his hometown all along!

A graduate of Overland High School, Grant was a First Team All-Conference lacrosse goal tender as well as part of the most ferocious offensive line seen in Colorado prep sports.

Grant earned a Bachelors Degree from The University of Oregon and is a proud Duck.  On paper the degree says Economics but in practice the degree was earned in smoking weed and awesomeness with minors in tailgating and beard growing. He has held jobs in Real Estate Consulting, Teaching, Dish washing, Sandwich Making, Power Washing and Retail Middle Management.  He is very excited to be running his own website.

Grant currently lives in Denver, Colorado (on Grant Street) with his lovely wife Sarah.

Co-creator and contributor Ben Allman, a 32-year-old Colorado native raised on the tough suburb streets of Aurora, does not exactly know what he’s suppose to say here. He would tell you that you should check his Facebook page, but he does not have one so finding information on him may prove elusive for you in that particular portal.

Nevertheless, the good folks at thegrandslamdunk.com, courtesy of the Mark It Zero podcast were able to corner the co-creator in hopes of gathering some more information to share via the world wide web:

MarkItZero: Where are you from?

Ben: Who is asking these questions?

MIZ: How old are you?

Ben: I just recently celebrated the 6th anniversary of my 25th birthday.

MIZ: What does that mean?

Ben: What does anything really mean?

MIZ: Where did you attend college?

Ben: I received a bachelor’s degree for the University of Denver, studying American History and English as well as two graduate degrees from the University of Phoenix in ********* ********* and ******* *********.

MIZ: Is there a reason you want ********* ********* and ******* ********* redacted  from this interview?

Ben: Yes

MIZ: Could you tell us?

Ben: No, but I’m sure anyone with access to a google machine could figure it out.

MIZ: Describe your experiences with sports in America.

Ben: I like football, basketball, and baseball.

MIZ: What about hockey?

Ben: You said experiences with sports in America. You did not ask for experiences from Canada.

MIZ: Am I to understand you do not like hockey?

Ben: You understand wrong sir. I think hockey is awesome.

MIZ: What expertise do you bring to the table in the world of sports?

Ben: Aside from being a coach at the high school level for multiple sports over the last 13 years, along with being a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and a more active reader of sporting news than most of my generation, none whatsoever.

MIZ: So why should people listen to you?

Ben: I provide a perspective that is held by many, but spoken by few.

MIZ: That’s a good line.

Ben: Thanks. I spent about a month coming up with it.

MIZ: Is there anything else you’d like the world to know about you?

Ben: Sure there is.

MIZ: Care to share?

Ben: Oh I will. On future podcasts of course.

MIZ: Thanks for your time.

Ben: Anything for the good folks at the Mark It Zero podcast, courtesy of thegrandslamdunk.com

Ben currently lives in Knoxville, TN “volunteering” his time for various free lance projects. Check out his profile at UpWork.com

Characters and Contributors

The Mark It Zero podcast features contributions from Grant Harmacek, Ben Allman, Ben Fontaine, Jeff Green, Mike Martinez and Doug Mcconville.  Sound and consulting support thanks to Mike Zelinski, Peter Burke, and Dean Allman. Mark It Zero and Website Logo created with the artistic talents of Ben Fontaine.  All Photos courtesy of Grant Harmacek unless otherwise noted.


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